5 Steps to Remove & Control Minnesota Bed Bugs

Comfortable room now free of bed bugsBy employing the latest technology, our technicians are able to effectively eliminate bed bug problems. Bed Bug Terminator’s guarantees the effectiveness of our bed bug treatment program with up to a 60 day warranty. In addition, the efficiency of this process allows us to complete most jobs within 2-3 hours. This quick turn-around time is ideal in situations where occupancy of a house, apartment, or hotel room is of primary concern.

Inspecting for bed bugsInspection

An inspection allows us to see the extent of the problem so that an accurate estimate can be given. Even though bed bugs are primarily found in and around areas where we sleep, they can at times be found in other areas of the living quarters. In some cases, we need to ascertain whether or not a bed bug problem really exists. Some may suspect there is an issue but are uncertain if our services are really necessary. As your local Bed Bug Exterminator Minneapolis experts, we provide a professional inspection service.

Schedule a pest inspectionEstimate & Scheduling

Estimates are given based on the amount of area that needs to be treated, and the number of items that require heat treatment. Once a bid is accepted, an appointment needs to be scheduled. In preparation for our services there are a number of steps that the occupants are required to take that can improve the effectiveness of our process.

Safely erradicate and remove bed bugsRemoval

Upon arriving, we begin by targeting the main feeding area (typically the bedroom). We wrap the mattress, box spring, and any other infested item in special encasements designed to contain the bed bugs and their eggs to prevent further contamination as these and all other necessary items are removed from the structure and loaded into our specialized heat treatment trailer.

Targeting Bed BugsThe Heat Treatment

Our heat treatment trailer is an unmarked mobile unit that we bring with us from job site to job site. Once the furniture, clothing, electronics, and other household items are loaded into the unit, the heat treatment cycle begins. The trailer heats quickly and brings the core temperature of the contents to a degree hot enough for a predetermined time to kill all stages of bed bugs and their eggs in an efficient manner and without the use of any additional chemicals. The heat treatment trailer is also equipped with an electronic monitoring system so that we can see the core temperature of the items being treated and the actual air temperature inside the unit. This information is also simultaneously recorded onto a computer system that documents the entire process. A heat cycle generally takes 1-2 hours depending on the size of the load.

Bed bugs terminatorChemical Treatment

While the household items are going through heat treatment, we begin the chemical treatment process which eliminates the bugs and their eggs in every stage of development. This also provides a barrier that protects occupants from bedbugs hidden in the walls and neighboring apartments. By using the latest in chemicals, we eliminate the possibility of any bed bug surviving based on immunity.

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